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Here at Ace Industrial Distributors, we have quite an extensive hire fleet, to meet you demands. We hire: Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Impact Sockets, Porta Power, Pnumatic Nut runners, Electric/Air operated Pumps, Impact Guns and much more. Rapidtorc, Ingersol Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Action Impact.

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Ace Industrial Distributors offer for hire Torque Multiplier tools and offer hire air nut runners. We also offer Hire Impact guns and hire Porta power units. We have a Large selection to of hire hand torque wrenches. Our Hire Pneumatic Nutrunner tool increase torque speed and offer solutions should electricity not be an option. All hire tools supplied with calibrated torque charts. Supplying to QLD Queensland Brisbane Mackay WA Western Australia Perth Karratha NSW New South Wales Sydney Newcastle VIC Victoria Melbourne SA South Australia Adelaide

Electric and Air operated Pumps
Hire Hydraulic Pumps
Torque Wrench Pump 240 volt, 3m remote, 10L sump, High flow - Single Port ( 1 Tool )
Torque Wrench Pump 240 volt, 3m remote, 10L sump, High flow - 4 Port ( 4 Tools )
Torque Wrench Pump Air Driven, 30 - 50 cfm, high flow, 10L sump - Single Port ( 1 Tool )
Torque Wrench Pump Air Driven, 30 - 50 cfm, high flow, 10L sump - 4 Port ( 4 Tools )
Huck Pump Huck Pump 240 Volt, suit all huck gun operation
Porta Power Pump 240 volt, Remote, single acting (advance, hold, dump), jog/run, High Flow.
Porta Power Pump Air, Single Port, Single acting, (advance, hold, dump) High flow, 30 - 50, cfm air.
See More info and video - View PDF - Purchase Options - Other Pump Options Available

Porta Power - Jacking Rams
Hire Tonnes Force Description
10 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
20 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
30 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
50 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
75 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
100 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Single Acting
200 Hydraulic Cylinder / Ram Double Acting
Only part range shown. Double Acting and Hollow Rams also available. Videos Available here

Porta Power - Hand Pumps
Hand Pumps
Impact Wrench Model Speed Handle Effort Usable Oil Capacity (cm2) Weight
P55 1 66 KG 148 2.6 KG
P59 2 66 KG 738 7.8 KG
P159 2 64 KG 2245 11.8 KG
P300D 2 64 KG 5081 25.9 KG
P460D 2 41 KG 7539 26.3 KG
View PDF - View Video

Torque Multipliers
Torque Multipliers
Sq Drv tool Part
Model Ratio Input Drive Output Square Torque Max
Ft Lbs
Torque Max
Weight (KG)
H-90221 HT3 2700 5:1

3/4" Female/36mm
A/F Male

1" 2000 2700 3.8
H-90021-1 HT4/26 26:1 1/2" 1" 3300 4500 8.9
H-90021-2 60/125 125:1 1/2" 1 1/2" 4400 6000 12.1
Torque Multipliers to be used with hand torque wrenches
Purchase Options

Huck Guns
Hire Part No Model Description Price Rent
61900 507 Huck Tool 1" Std, Metso Screen & Beam Plates  
50901 9304 1" Off Set, ( Bradford Breaker ) Coats Eye Beam Plates  
50902 2628 3/4' Std, Metso & Ludowici, Beams & Plates  
50903 HPT35RH 5/8" Schenck, Screen Beams & Plates  
50904 6304 5/8" Off Set, Schenck & Metso - Stringer Beams  
Package includes 240v or Air Hyd Pump & Hose Set.

Huck Guns
Flex Hone Tools
  • Any type or size of cylinder can benefit from the Flex-Hone.
  • The abrasive bead style brushes are produced in standard diameters from 4mm to 36”.
  • Flex hone is commonly used for engine and brake cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, combustion chambers, firearm chambers and air compressors

    More info
About Flex Hone (PDF) | Brochure (PDF)

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Ace Industrial Distributors are proud to offer quality and renowned products such as: Rapidtorc Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Action Impact Sockets, Momento Impact Sockets, Ingersoll Rand Impact Guns, Chicago Pneumatic impact guns, Powerteam jacking rams and hand pumps.

Specializing to heavy industry, Ace Industrial Distributors offer unique solutions for torque and Impact, suited to any variety of jobs.

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